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Floating and gliding

Floating and gliding are two of the most important skills in learning to swim. 

Floating is the basis for all strokes and water safety ensuring that we never force our children to float. We encourage them with games and fun, looking in mirror, smiling at our selves and Mum or Dad. Looking at the stars on the roof, twinkle twinkle little star is a wonderful way to help bubs float and get their head back, the skill of floating is quite a hard skill for a scared child. 

Getting them to put their head back relaxing, feet up, relaxing did I say relaxing, yes the most important part of floating. Unless your child is relaxed and confident there is no chance they're going to float. 

In saying this how do we build confidence? By having fun, building confidence, building trust, being low in the water.  

We float in all four strokes at some point if we can't get the basis of our strokes in a float the child is gping to struggle in all aspects of swimming. Correct body position in floating helps maintain correct body position in our strokes. 

Once we have established great floating this skill can be increased to add a glide. Children love the feeling of moving in the water. The water against their skin feels like another set of hands holding them. 

A glide for a child that is relaxed in floating will be easier to learn. 

Glides are very important in our body position also, as they are apart of starts, turns and stroke.

So take notice of your little one and see how relaxed they are, one way to see relaxation is stillness and enjoying the moment of stillness while floating and gliding. 

No noise, feel the water on your  skin, and be present in the moment of relaxation.

Next time you are in the water try it for yourself.  

Check out the Tip  video

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