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Water Safety for Under 5's

At TJ's Swim our aim is to deliver the highest quality swim lessons to ensure your child has the water safety skills to potentially save their life.

Our program follows the Laurie Lawrence philosophies

* Maximum practice time

* Constant and effective physical manipulation

* Safe and secure learning environment with constant assistance

* Parent and child bonding

* Constant discipline, behaviour management and support

* Opportunities for supervised but independent swimming

Parental involvement in swim lessons will provide positive part of our Infant swim lessons. We love to see how our parents flourish just as much as the children.

TJ's Swim program includes safety skills in every lesson, these will differ depending on the age and Stage of the swimmer. The program includes

* Safe entry and exit to the pool, for parent and child, shallow and deep.

* conditioning and Breath control

* floating front and back

* Turning, rolling, rotation and recovery in the water

* Climbing in and out of the pool, learning to use those muscles

* With and with out goggles

* Developing a respect for the water, teacher and other students

Just a reminder for swimming in other environments other then our pool at swim lessons, swimmers should be educated about the environment before entering, depths, entries and how to get out. Having these opportunities to practice skills from swim lessons is great. Parents and swimmers can become complacent with weekly swim lessons and we encourage you to practice these skills in other environments as children can become over confident in the surroundings at lesson then when taken to other water environments encounter unexpected situations.

* cold water

* dark water

* no ledge

* different depths

We encourage you to branch out with your child and enjoy the water, beaches, water parks, pools and love the experience.

Swimmers enjoy learning through exploration and games. Them may have the chance to participate in these in lessons. Creativity and play will enable swimmers to practice safety skills in a way where they can improve their skills while having fun and learning at the same time.

Remember to stay with in arms length of your swimmer under the age of 5 at all times.

For added Fun these school holidays and join the 4 FREE swim lessons for any child Under the age of 5.

Children/siblings 5 and over can also participate in developing their skills the 4 day block will cost $60 per child.

We also have some Clinics available Dives/Starts, Turns and Race skills.

If you are interested or know anyone else that would love to participate contact us

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