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Empowering our Kids

Is your child happy and confident?

Is your child anxious?

Are you worried about how your child is feeling?

Is your child having trouble dealing with friends or social situations that not necessarily upsetting?

Does your child have low self-esteem or confidence levels?

Have you been sent for a mirage of testing?

There are ways to help your child?

Being Mindful is one way you can help your child be more present and cope with the anxiety of everyday life.

Our Kids Life Coaching program Empowering our kids can build self-esteem, confidence and help them understand their very own SuperPowers.

Incorporating Yoga, meditation into our daily lives can help children learn the tools to breathe and relieve their anxiety.

Check out our blog about how our STORY program works.

Neuroptimal is like an electronic form of meditation to train the brain and unblock any blocks it may have today!

We are here to help you in either 1 on 1 or group classes.

Our program is run in our specially created Studio for Kids. We run 5 week blocks after school and workshops on holidays and weekends 

Our workshops for Parents run monthly and we also have online courses for our Busy parents that can't make the workshops. 

Contact us now for more information on the program  or book now

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