6 month - 3 years

Our infant program is broken into 6 age and stage levels, Our AGE program is developed so your Bub develops in the water the same as Bub develops on land, around 6 months Bub is learning to sit up on land and in our swim lessons we encourage and strengthen the muscle groups to help Bub sit up. We also take into account that some Bubs develop at different rates and our STAGE program caters for this also giving extened activities in circuits or time to practice and acquire the necessary skills.

Bouncing, rocking, moving and swirling changes the conductivity of synapses and stimulates brain development, this is why all of our lessons involve these movements. To make your Bub smarter. 

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newborn program @ home


Stage 1

Your Bub starts in the 30 minute class, this class is for Bubs aged 4 months to 8 months. The goals for Bub in this level are to develop a love for the water, continue the conditioning process, execute a trauma free submersion, free float for 3 seconds, stimulate Bub by regular exposure to water and Bub starting to respond to verbal commands.

Be a hero, Save a life #tjsswim #lovethe

Stage 2

A 30 minute Familirisation class for Bubs aged 8 months to 12 months. At this level your Bub will enjoy more independence, more mobility and gaining more distance in the pool free floating. They Become more familiar with moving hands, feet and body through the water. Our goals for Bub are to increase breath control, practice free floats, acquire a strong grip, learn to turn, pull up on edge and follow simple instructions.


Stage 3

A 30 minute class for 12 months to 18 months. The goals for Bub are now to increase breath control to 5 seconds, continue kicking to improve independent propulsion and coordination, encourage arm movement via splashing and reaching for toys, unaided swim to parent, master turning to adult, introduce turning to edge and swim arounds introduced.


Stage 4

A 30 minute Socialisation class for Bubs aged 18 months to 24 months. At this level Bubs are  more inquisitive and fearless, Goals for Bub are now to improve independent propulsion, encourage back floating, master swim to edge and swim arounds, introduce assisted pick up rings from bottom, Master independent monkeys and respect for the water.


2.5yrs to 4yrs 


Stage 1

A 30 minute solo swimming classfor toddlers 2.5 years to 3 years. This class is the first level where your Toddler is swimming with the instructor and you out of the pool, Parents are asked to sit on the edge of the pool. Our unique class incorporating our Swim, Roll, Recover sequence is to increase your toddlers independence and water safety. This skill alone may just get your child out of trouble if they accidentally fall into water.

Paddle Paddle Paddle!

Stage 2

A 30 minute solo swimming class with your child and the instructor. Your child will be mastering our Swim, Roll, Recover sequence to increase independence and water safety. This level our focus is on building Long straight legs and strong propulsive kick to move us through the water.

Kick, Kick, Kick!