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Our family oriented Swim business is privately owned and operated by Troy and Jodie Chandler. Troy and Jodie have been involved in swimming for over 25 years, Our family consists not only of our 3 beautiful daughters, that you will see around the pool, we now have 3 generations with the arrival of our 2 beautiful  grand daughters and grandson, who I am sure that will be running the whole show, also our wonderful team of Instructors. We love to cater for MIND and BODY. Our vision is to empower kids to be the most confident kids they can be to live the life of their dreams , to teach parents and kids the tools to be confident in and out of the pool. 



Our Swim program starts with our Tots to increase water confidence, through our learn to swim , stroke development programs technique is the key, We create swimmers. Upon graduation from our Learn to Swim we have a Swim Squad program  so your child can then move into the sport of competitive swimming or swimming for fitness. 

Our Empowering our kids program is for parents and kids. We run monthly workshops to teach parents the tools to take home and teach their kids, Mindfulness, Confidence and Vision workshops. Weekly Classes for kids, online courses for the parents who are too busy to attend a workshops and wonderful retreats to practice the tools and extend your knowledge.

So no excuses there is something for everyone. Come along and experience the TJ's Swim Way!


"The TJ's Swim Family has made our whole family feel so welcome with all the classes that they offer we can now do this together as a family, especially now number 2 is on the way, the teachers were so helpful when I needed to get out of the water" Ross Family

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