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A 30 minute class to increase their propulsion through the water. This is the first level where your child starts to learn the skills for freestyle, working in on our 6 high to the sky arms. Backstroke skills are also increasing in distance. I can now swim 6m unassisted, Yes all by myself.


A 30 minute class to introduce breathing to the side for Freestyle. This is the 2nd level of our AquaRockets, your child now has enough core stability to swim using high to the sky arms, super fast kicking legs and rolling for a breath. We can do this all by ourselves.


A 30 minute class now your little Swim Star is swimming 10m of Freestyle, Backstroke and learning Butterfly. Development of the stroke is now the major goal, whilst incorporating our best technique ever.


A 30 minute class focusing on technique of Freestyle, Backstroke and Butterfly, Breaststroke is introduced in this level. Quality over Quantity is most important thing to remember.


A 30 minute transition class for your child to progress to swimming without the assistance of the Instructor.  We do get the Instructor out earlier than most swim schools and we believe to teach a child to swim you have to let them swim and not be carried around by the Instructor.

Your child's confidence grows rapidly now.

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