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Our unique Age and Stage based SuperHero themed classes are our way of encouraging children to             BE A HERO, SAVE A LIFE.

One day the skills your child learns at swimming may potentially help save their life.

Wow what a gift you are giving your child. Super Powers are an understatement aren't they? 

Parents love the way our program progresses. You can see every week the little improvements that your child makes, these in turn become big improvements.

Skills are broken into small pieces so children can excel. 

Wonderland theme weeks bring a more fun and incorporate our Focus skills each week. 


 Infant Program



Big Kids Program



Bigger Kids Program



Our 1k Program

When do you believe your child has learnt enough skills to be able to finish lessons?

Fall in turn around back to the edge, swim A to B, swim 100m, swim all 4 strokes. There is no correct answer. 

We believe when a child can swim 1K unassisted they have learnt enough skills and will retain the ability to save themselves. This is when we believe a child has learnt to swim, that's why our ultimate goal is 1K.                                                                MORE INFO


"The kids love to ring the bell to let everyone know when they have moved up a level, the kids love to hear the sound of all the clapping. Congrats on another successful moment "

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