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​“Swimmers take the plunge”​

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Dear Jodie (and all the lovely ladies and man) at TJs Swim at Baillie Splash Lifestyle Centre,

"Thank you so much for being so helpful, caring, flexible and friendly, it is a breath of fresh air - I have experienced many pools in many places having been an avid swimmer for years. After coming to Toowoomba temporarily from a small country town to await the birth of our baby, I was very pleased to find you - I have been coming to you every day for the last 4 weeks to do my pregnancy swimming and exercises. Every time it is a wonderful uplifting environment to be in, at a time when safety and respect from staff and pool users is important to me. The whole centre is very spacious, well kept and light filled from the enormous windows. The pool is always clean, the surfaces in and around the pool are smooth and well maintained with nothing to graze or hurt yourself on. The bench seating around the pool is sturdy and plentiful and there is no clutter. The water and air temperatures are very stable and the air well ventilated (no breathing in chlorine feeling). The pool itself is well designed in terms of depth increments, railings, ladders and the ramp. The change rooms are spacious, clean and the showers have good water pressure and temperature. My 9 year old daughter lap swims a kilometre each day while we are there and wishes we had this pool where we live. I have seen many of the lessons and classes take place (though not participated) and I am very impressed with the enthusiasm, care, knowledge, energy and skill of all the teachers. Once our baby arrives and we return home, we will miss you and the pool and wish you happy and successful times with all your endeavours at the pool."


Amanda from Boonah


make a big


One of the truly exciting changes for Toowoomba families is that “TJ’s Swim” has taken over the lease on the pool, and will be running a truly unique program and resource to our community. As well as running Learn to Swim programs, Squad programs and Swim fit classes for adults and kids of all abilities, TJs are aiming to provide a more specialised service to individuals with special needs.”​
Libby Rosentreter, Autism awareness group​ Click here to view 


" my grand daughter is blind and she has learn to swim" Narelle





Dear Jodie, Troy and the TJ’s Swim team.


Firstly I wanted to thank you for your involvement in today’s combined swimming carnival for CPC and MLPC.

It was a great day and it was obvious that everyone tried really hard AND had a great day.

I believe that the facilities you offer made it a comfortable and enjoyable venue for everyone today.


Secondly I wanted to let you know how amazed we are with the progress Thomas has made in just a few Tuesdays.

For him to feel comfortable enough to put his hand up for all 4 of the 25m events (and to do as well as he did) is fantastic.

Previous swimming lessons for Thomas at another centre did not leave him feeling good about swimming and certainly not wanting to try harder.


To see both of these feelings in him today and knowing he’s keen to swim in the booster block makes the family feel great too!


Thank you again



Would like to thank you all for the awesome work you have put into my kids! They where both scared of water when they started in June... now Mia is swimming 50m and Jed is having a blast, loving every minute of the water. Really does pull the heart strings to see how far they have come, thanks to the trainers!!👏👏
Merry Christmas guys, keep safe and will see you in the New Years 🎉🍻


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