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Can I enrol after a term has started?

There is no need to wait for the commencement of a new term block before starting swim lessons with TJ's Swim. Our instructors are trained in dealing with a wide variety of situations, including incorporating new swimmers in their classes at any stage throughout the term. Our friendly customer service team is waiting to hear from you on 0429 465316 or via email

When is the best time to start swimming lessons?

There is no better time to start swimming than the present time! We have classes waiting for you. Our AquaBubs start at 2 months and we go all they way up to our competitive squads and Adults.

What do I need to bring to swimming lessons?

You will need your swimmers, towel, goggles, swim cap, change of clothes, snack/drink for after the lesson and for or participants in AquaBubs must wear swim nappy. These are available to purchase at all of our locations. Remember to arrive with plenty of time to park your car, sign in prior to your lessons, so you and your child are prepared at a relaxed for lessons.


Can I take photos or video my child?

 We all love to have memories of our children growing up, due to the increased internet usage we have a no video policy. This is to protect our young children. In our enrolment pack we have a section for you to tell us if you have an issue with photos. IF you would like to take a photo of your child please contact the Admin girls on the way in and they can check with our records in case there is a child that cannot be photographed in your class. We know you only want your child in the photo but we have to be very careful about the children in the back ground. This is not just our policy this is a government policy that all schools must follow. 

What if I think my child is in the wrong level?

If you have any concerns with what level your child is in, please talk to our Pool deck supervisor. Do not speak the the instructor whilst  they are teaching as this takes away from the learning time of the children in the class.

Why does it seem that my child is not progressing?

The best person to talk to about your child’s progress is our Pool Deck Supervisor, who are responsible for the implementation of our program, the support to our team of in water instructors and for assessing and progressing children within our program. The Pool Deck Supervisors are always available to answer any of your concerns, give feedback in relation to your child’s progress and provide tips to support your child’s aquatic learning, whether you approach them on pool deck or via email

What can I do to assist my child’s swimming progress?

Whilst in TJ's Swim classes, parents are encouraged to praise specific efforts that your child has made the class, in order to assist their confidence. After class, be prepared with their towel and lots of smiles for a great swimming effort! If you are encouraging your child to practise at home or whilst in the bath, reinforce skills learnt within the existing lessons you are attending. Simple tasks such as making bath time fun or letting your independent swimmer explore the water are great activities to assist their aquatic development. Please don’t hesitate to ask our Pool Deck Supervisor for take home tips that may assist your child’s swimming progress. Remember to always supervise and be within arms’ reach for assistance. Check out our weekly tip in our newsletter.

Can my child have the same instructor next time?

At TJ's Swim, we believe consistency plays a vital part in your child’s swimming progress. For this reason, we ask our team of instructors for ongoing commitment to the same day/times from term to term. Of course we also acknowledge that their circumstances change; that is why all of our instructors and coaches are fully qualified Swim Australia as well as being provided with ongoing in-house and industry training to ensure quality and consistency is maintained throughout our lessons. It means that no matter who your teacher is, you are provided with a top notch service and expertise. If you or your child have developed a bond with your current instructor, please place your request to continue with that instructor on the rebooking card, and we will endeavour to accommodate you.

How do I know my child is a "competent swimmer” ?

Becoming a competent swimmer does not happen overnight – swimming is a long term process that develops with regular, consistent attendance in a year round environment. Children progress at their own pace. A realistic goal for your child is to be able to swim at least 1 km continuously, with solid technique. This milestone would indicate that your child would be well prepared for the aquatic environment.  Once per term the children participate in a Metre Eater challenge.

What does my child need to do to join squad?

After completion of our learn to swim levels the child will be invited to join our Mini Jets Squad.  If coming form another swim school an interview with our Head coach Troy is needed. Email to book an interview.


What does my child need to do to join Club?

Swim club runs in conjunction with TJ's Swim training sessions. As soon as your child reaches AquaStar level they are welcome to join Turbo Jets Swim Club and come along and join our fun Club nights to practice their race skills. The club also competes against other clubs on weekends this is a great way for your child to enjoy the sport of swimming. Email for more information.

What are the opening hours for lap swimming?

Lap Swimming is available at TJ's Swim @ Concordia. Hours available are 5.30am to 7am every morning Monday to Friday and 6pm to 7pm (Tuesday and Thursday ). For and information pack email


"When Bobby was 6 he sat in the same level for ages, I started to get worried even wondered whether maybe he needs a break. After speaking with Miss Jodie about children's progressions and development, the Instructor with Miss Jodie's help found out why and fixed the issues. He is now motoring again . Glad I decided to talk to her first" Tammy 

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