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Jets Squads

 Our Squad program is the gateway to competitive swimming. When a child graduates from Stroke Development 2 and is invited to swim in our Squad program the sessions are unlimited sessions per week. 


The squad program's focus is FUN, FIT, FAST,


Coaches work on technique that is perfect technique, aerobic base, endurance and Sprinting. The year is broken up to work on each one then culminates in our race season to compete for the Turbo Jets Swim club at meets around the region.

TJ's Swim FUN, FIT, FAST philosophy is, all children in sport need to have FUN first, then once they become FIT we will endeavour to be FAST.

If you would like to book an Interview with Coach Troy to discuss your childs swimming and squad swimming with us. 

Once you have become a SuperHero it is time to join squad and the sport of swimming, wether it is competitive swimming with our Turbo Jets swim club or Flippa Ball, maybe just Kayaking at the beach. The world is now yours to explore.

learn to swim

Our program is designed to teach your child to swim 1K unassisted Freestyle then you are a SWIMMER!

Come and experience REAL progress                                      


"My goal is to swim FAST I try really hard most days......." Morgan

" I just want to beat my brother Kaidan" Linc

" Can we do just one more please" Brendon

"Were off to the carnival to swim and eat at the canteen" Guess who!

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