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Learn to swim @ TJ's Swim

For the Parents

Parenting is a hard gig, the crying, the tantrums, meltdowns and refusing to do almost anything you want them to!

Ok so not all the time it is the most beautiful experience in life can give. 

Some kids are harder then the others but that's only because in their little brains are in fear mode, their communication skills are not perfected yet!

When they cried at 2 months old parents jumped to attention! WOW that worked didn't it. 

But it is ok we have solutions for you. In the pool building confidence or in the studio helping calm anxiety. Give the kids the tools to help them be CONFIDENT.


For the Kids

Kids learn the best through play and fun. So let's add all the play options we can to help them learn the most in life.

A confident child is going to grow into a Confident adult with the ability to achieve anything. 


Our unique perspective is what sets TJ's Swim lessons apart from all others. Children learn the most through play, keeping them engaged with bright toys, songs and lots of Fun. Your child will progress quickly in our swim lessons because they are having so much Fun.

Out of the pool we give them the tools to overcome any obstacle in life, to grow in confidence and build high self-esteem.


building confidence in the pool and out

learn to swim with a family swim school


"We have loved the move to TJ's the whole family has something to do, our twins love their lessons and Miss Tori and my husband and I love to do AquaRun classes while they swim. Best Move ever" Janice

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