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The best way to #beconfident is give it

intrinsic definition:

 being an extremely important and basic characteristic of a person

bringing Calm, confidence and courage to our Kids


Kids Yoga

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Yoga classes for our Toddlers to Teens

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Does your child need some Calm down time?

Do they get anxious and need some strategies to help them calm down?

Or do they need to become more flexible not just with their bodies?

Yoga is a fantastic practice to calm kids. Using interactive themed classes, we can move and slow our bodies using lots of fun poses and games. 

We focus on our breathing and learn mindfulness techniques we can apply to everyday life.

We learn to listen to our own bodies as they tell us what we need to do today.

We practice yoga together because let's face it Yoga together is so much more FUN!

Classes include

Connection- our group starts together

Poses- Practice or poses

Fun - A fun game 

Calm- relaxation and breathing skills

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Mums and Bubs

A wonderful way to bond with your Bub and Toddlers love to move around and play the fun games in our Yoga Journey!

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Yoga Kids

Our themed classes take us on a Yoga Journey to all parts of the world, garden anywhere. We move our bodies and then we learn to relax and breath.

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Teen Yoga

Our themed classes take us on a Yoga Journey where we check out self-esteem, confidence, inner power, dreams and visions.



This is time for mum, time for you, Stop for a minute and breath, relax and enjoy the moment. Mum's mindfulness yoga is about being in the present and it is your present to you.

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