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What is AquaFitness

Really you want to know about the Newest Fitness craze to hit Australia.

Yes that is right, you heard me. Australia....

Europe, Italy and America they are so advanced in this area and people are flocking to pools to get into it. Come on Toowoomba it is your turn to have FUN FIT FAST....

We have searched the world. Italy we found it, actually we didn't have to go to Italy, we found it in South Australia but that's about as far for me to go as Italy. We travelled to Parafield Gardens in South Australia and met the Master Trainers Kym, Donna and Sam.

Our girls here have trained and trained to bring you the newest sensation in Aqua.

AcquaPole is here.

This hasn't answered the question what is AquaFitness has it?

The Best exercise you can do for you in the water. Wether you have back injury like me or a shoulder injury like Miss Tori or coming back after having Bub like most of us. Maybe you are like Nanny Pat and have just had a knee replacement. Troy he just loves to hit it out. Aqua is the BEST exercise for you.

No impact, No injury and 3 dimensional training using the resistance of the water, stability of the water and not to forget the warmth of the 31 degree pool.

I haven't even got to tell you about the range of classes we have yet. AquaSmash you get taster of them all. We have AquaStep, AquaCardio, AquaBlast, AquaGold, A'Chai, AquaRun and this doesn't even scratch the surface of the 34 different Aqua classes we have to offer.

Join the AquaFit Revolution and come along to our

AquaSmash Open Day on the 12th August and trial some of our FREE classes for yourself and see how much you enjoy them.

Book your spot now

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