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Benefits of winter swimming to Netball and Footy

Autumn brings not only the change in the weather with the beautiful leaves on the trees changing colour but also all the team sports. 

This brings the start of Netball, Footy and Hockey season. We all head out to the freezing cold fields to watch our kids run, jump, tackle and change direction at great speed.

With all this jolting and jarring on their bones, freezing to the bone it the greatest reason to keep them in the pool as well.

Let the long stretching arm strokes in the warm water recover by gently rolling over, what a lovely feeling in the warm 31 degrees to warm those bones so they are ready to go again next weekend.

Giving our kids bodies the chance to recover, stretch and grow in a no impact swim session has been proven to lower the risk of injury and recover from injury faster.

Why not give them the best chance to score that next goal or try.

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