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What can my baby Learn in the water?

Well where do we start?

How about before Bub is born, Bub spends the first 9 months floating around in mum's tummy in fluid.

When Bub is born they are born with reflexes, one especially is to stop bub swallowing the fluid in mums tummy. The early we can reintroduce Bub to the water, we can turn that reflex into a learned skill before the reflex disappears. This reflex usually disappears around the 4 to 5 month mark.

We always want to wait until Mum has been given the all clear to enter the pool from her medical team.

Gosh! There’s just so much for your baby to learn in the pool.

The aquatic classroom makes a wonderful adventure land for your baby, there are so many things for him to discover about themself and about his world as Bub plays and “swims” around in the water.

Building muscle and brain power. Bub will be developing and strengthening neural pathways, back and forth from brain to muscles and joints and back again as they move their little body in the water. Bub will learn about weight as they experience the difference between buoyancy and gravity.

Bub's mind will be working overtime as they learn about time and space. How far is this? How near is that? How big am I? How small am I?

Bub will learn to make decisions such as how long will this take me; will I fit; should I try this again?

Developing an understanding of these concepts is vital for his understanding of school subjects such as Maths and English.

Learning to swim builds fantastic confidence. With care and encouragement he’ll learn to trust, in turn this trust builds the confidence to explore new things, all of which help to foster intelligence.

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