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So Acqua pole! It's a wonderful class with a maximum of 6 spots per class ! Amazing right no need to worry if you can do it or not because of course you can! It is a class for all ages, shapes, sizes, injuries, and conditions whatever excuse comes to mind it won't work worth acqua pole! We run 8 week blocks for only $100 for the entire 8 weeks. And that secures your place in the time slot that best suits you for the complete 8 weeks. Its incredible! The things that you usually cannot do out of the pool you can definitely do in the water and it even works you 6 times harder than out of the water even though it feels easier and hey you can't fall off that pole because the water will always catch you ! Words can never give it justice really to how great it is. Jump on to the TJ's Swim website and book your spot now to give it a go ! You know you want to ! Tayla @ TJ's Swim

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