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New Hydro program Launch!

Our Hydro pool has some exciting new Rehab classes available in our fantastic 36 degree pool the only one in Toowoomba.

HydroCircuit - with our HydroRider and HydroTreadmill

HydroRehab - specialised classes for rehab on Shoulder, hip, knee and back

HydroSculpt - incorporating therabands to sculpt that body

AquaRelax - guided mediation whilst floating

HydroSoothe - Massage and Float session

AquaMoves - your own exercise time

HydroLite - Gentle all over body class

AquaStrength sessions available. Just ask us about them.

The hydro pool is now open Tuesday to Friday 6am to 11am.

When does all this start I hear you ask July 11th. Come along and check out the pool.

By Appointment only for each session. Click here for timetable

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