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AquaFitness VS Aqua aerobics

Gone are the days that water exercise is just for Grandma. Until you get in and feel the resistance in the water, you truly haven't felt the benefits of Aquatic exercise. Low impact is one benefit yes, but the 3 dimensional workout can only be achieved in the water, resistance of the water and assistance of buoyancy in the water and not to mention no Sweat cause it gets washed off while you work out. Come along and challenge yourself to work out in the water, this is AquaFitness not just aqua aerobics. Check out the timetable and find a class that will work your level of fitness beginner of advanced. Elite athlete or just getting back into fitness, Maybe you are a Mum to be and need a pregnancy class. You will find a class that suits you because in the water you work at your pace not anyone else's pace.

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