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Winter Swimming

Term 3 is the best term to swim.


* Smaller numbers means Maximum practice time.

* It has been proven that children that continue fitness regime and continue to strengthen their lungs stay healthy and fight off bugs rather then those that sit at home on their ipads.

* No loss of swimming skills so you are not wasting the money you have already spent this year.

Think about it if you swim 1 x 30 minute lesson every week for the year, that is 20 hours of swimming (not even a full day) and if you stop for winter you lose half of that, so now you are only swimming for 10 hours for the year. That is only 1 and half days at school, would you expect your child to progress to the next year level at school with only attending 1 and half days.

NOOOOOOO I wouldn't think you would.

So don't put the same pressure on them at swimming. Let them be children and gain the knowledge, skill and have fun.

This is a skill for life you are giving them.

Email TJ's Swim NOW! if you have now changed your mind about having the term off and you want your child to excel in LIFE!

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