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5 steps to learn to swim quicker not faster...

Step 1. To improve at any skill you need to practice, practice, practice. The same is with learning to swim. 

Step 2. After talking to a long time swimming mum of TJ's Swim at the Baby and Toddler expo, she reminded me how important play is for childrens learning.

So now I am reminding you, all children learn through play this is why we make our lessons so much play based and did you know we offer AquaPlay sessions. So let them play.

Step 3. Maximum practice time our AquaPlay is a special area in our pool where you and Bub can play before a lesson after a lesson or on a totally different day.

As long as you play and teach bub the love of water we are happy. You will need a Bronze member card for yourself, Bub is FREE if they are enrolled in swim lessons this term.

Step 4. Bring Dad along as well we love to see both parents in the water having fun with Bub. When Mum and dad are confident so will Bub.

The specified times for AquaPlay are 9am to 11am Monday to Friday or 2pm to 3pm Monday to Friday.

Step 5. The most important is consistent swimming lessons. Keep swimming all year, keeping the same instructor and never miss a lesson.

Now those 5 steps to learn to love the water quicker, to be faster that is where the sport of swimming comes in. Squad and competitive swimming once you graduate from stroke deveolpment.

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