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So your off to BIG school

So your Baby is off to BIG school next year!

How exciting and scary all at the same time.

Our Infant program has seen lots of children graduate this term who our now off to our BIG schools program in the afternoon.

We know settling into Prep is hard, fun, scary and very very tiring. But keeping a routine with swim lessons gives the BIG kids now an outlet, keeping this outlet the same helps little ones transition to BIG school easier.

Yes they are tired, but tired kids drown too.

Yes there will be school swim lessons, but 5 or 10 lessons per year will not keep their skills up to speed. Yes we know you don't win at the Olympics in Prep, but you can keep the skills up to potentially save their life.

Don't drop the ball now!!!

Holiday booster blocks will help keep skills but regular weekly lessons are what are truly needed to keep a child safe. You wouldn't expect your little one to only learn thier spelling words on holidays or leave them for a year or 2 until they settle in, would you?

We can't wait to welcome all our graduates from our Infant program to our BIG school program next year! Sessions at Concordia and Baillie start at 3.30pm each day.

Goodluck class of 2017!

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