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Are you going to retain those skills?

You have taken your child to lessons for the busiest part of the swimming season, you have managed every week to get them there. Are you going to let that hard work pay off by retaining those skills and continue with taking your child to swim lessons or are you going to let them slip by the way and have a term off and risk the chance of your child's skills diminishing over the winter.

The pool is 31 degrees! how warm is the soccer field or hockey field, so don't let me hear that it is too cold! The water is warm, have a warm shower after and put that jacket and beanie on to keep your wet hair warm, off to the warm car or grab a hot chocolate on your way out!

Your choice, retain and save money, that is money you don't have to spend in summer to get those skills back to where they were before your child stopped swimming.

Only you can make the choice, your child is too young to know how important the life skill of swimming is!

If you have forgotten to book and you need us to quickly find that spot for you, send us an email and we will sort it out for you.

Term 3 is the quietest term so classes are smaller and your child will receive more practice time. Maximum practice time is what is needed for your child to progress, but consistency is the most important key.

See you on pool deck soon!

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