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Rebooking week

TJ's Swim Kids Rebooking for Summer is now open!

Have you booked your spot for the Spring Holiday block yet?

We have FREE classes for our Under 5's, we have Booster blocks for Learn to Swim and Stroke Development kids.

Have you heard about our Clinics?

If you don't want your Stroke development and squad kids to do the whole week you can just come to our holiday Clinics.

Clinics are 60 minutes long and will cost $15 per clinic or $50 for all 4.

Tuesday is our Dive Clinic

Wednesday is Turns Clinic

Thursday is Starts and Finish Clinic

Friday is Race Clinic

There is something for everyone.

Have you rebooked for Term 4 yet? Rebooking has opened, EMAIL NOW to rebook with your preferred day and time.

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