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Looking for something for the kids over the holidays

Keeping your kids busy and safe over the holidays is the most important thing we need to focus on. Teaching your child to swim will help to keep them safe. Supervision is still needed for all children around water.

Are you are looking for a swim program for 1 week or 3 weeks, we have the solution for you. We have 5 consecutive days of swimming in the morning with 3 options or we have 2 days per week over the last 3 weeks of the holidays. Giving them a great start to 2020.

Some kids need a little more down time, learn to stop and breath our Empowering our Kids holiday program builds confidence and creates a soaring self-esteem using our STORY system with yoga, meditation and art. What a great way to help your little one turn into the SuperHero they were intended to be!

We have 1 lesson per day options or join our Squad camp for a whole day experience.

Let's work together to Empower our Kids to be the best they can be for 2020.

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